Civil Law

Domestic and international sales.
Sales of companies.
Lease (civil and professional). Time sharing.
Family Law.
Inheritance Law.

Commercial Law

Companies’ establishment in and out of Greece.
Offshore Companies (establishment).
Bank Contracts.
Contracts of Commercial Agency and Distribution.
Leasing, Factoring and Forfeiting.
Mutual Funds.
Stock Market Commissions (repos, swaps).
Contracts of Management.
Bankruptcies and Purification of Enterprises.

Maritime Law

Marine Companies and Joint Ship Owning.
Issues of Ship Registry and Registers.
Ship Construction and Sale Contracts.
Maritime Accidents in and out of Greece.

Law of Infrastructure and Transport

Law of Road Transportation, Railway, and Maritime Transports (CMR, CIM, CIV).
Aviation Law.

Intellectual and Industrial Property, Related Rights, ICT, Telecommunications

Constitutional Frame and Licensing.
Intellectual Property Rights.
Domestic and International Trademarks.
Patents, Know-How.
Software Contracts.

Insurance Law

IInsurance Compensations.
Insurance Contracts.
Inland and Maritime Transports Insurance.
Export Credits Insurance.
Export Insurance.
Public Works Insurance.

Media and Technology, Advertising Law, e-business

Privacy and Personality Protection.
Greek and European Law of Radio and Television.
National Board of Radio and Television.
Advertising Law.
Law of Internet,
Domain Names Acquition.

Financing, Investing, Real Estate Management

Drafting and Evaluation of Business Plans and Programs.
Real Estate.
Asset Management.
Private Equity.

Criminal Law

Criminal, Financial Criminal and International Criminal Law.
Military Criminal Law.

Labour Law and Social Security Law

Labor Relationship Issues.
International Labour Law.

Public and Administrative Law

Tax Law.
Public Contests.
Public Works.
Urban Planning Law.
Licensing of Enterprises and Factory Units.
Environment and Regulatory Law.
Energy Law - Renewable Sources of Energy.

European Law

Appeals and applications at the European Court of Justice, at The European Court of the First Instance and at the European Court of Human Rights.